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Find here the films that have been part of our Chilean Cinema of the Future program.
You will be able to review their technical sheets and development status.

Laura Diniz (Brasil, 1986) and Daniela Diniz (Brasil, 1982)

Pamela Pequeño (Chile, 1962)

Cristián Sánchez Garfias (1951)

Ignacio Rojas Vallejo (Chile, 1992)

Cons Gallardo (Chile, 1990)

Andrés Nazarala (Chile, 1976)

Carlos Araya Díaz (Chile, 1984)

Edison Cájas (Chile, 1982)

Eva Vera Cuadra (Chile, 1983) / Eva Rodríguez Baquedano (Chile, 1978)

José Luis Cañas (Chile, 1996)

Paola Campos (Chile, 1985)

Coti Donoso (Chile, 1967)